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This game was made for a jam, the theme was 16 pixels, so i did this 4x4 awesome race game, to fully enjoy as it should be played you need to print the stencil in a transparent paper an use in in front of your monitor like the screenshoots pictures.

How to play:

Just press left or right to start, your car has 3 fixed position, just try to avoid any collision and you'll do great (it doesn't even has a score due the limitations). if you crash, just press left and right (or esc) to restart the game.

If you want to feel a emulation of how you should see it with the stencil pres F1 to go to "HD mode" so it will improve the graphics =D

I'm working on a mobile version.


Special thanks to :
for the sounds.

I hope you enjoy 4x4 Rally Race, sincerely

Juan RuiNz

Install instructions

Just open and play, it's a simple game and need no instalation.

To HD mode (for beter graphics) press F1

To start just press left or right (or esc), and both to reset after a crash


4x4 Rally Race.exe 2 MB
game stencil
Leeme.txt 1 kB

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